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What services does Competency Center offer?

Simulation of the real traffic | Experts | Solution of requirements | Remote Access | Project Outputs

  • Competency Center provides experts in the ICT Security who are ready to help IT professionals with tools performance to cover security
    risks by leading security solutions in various security areas.
  • The center organizes lectures to present the architecture, features, methods of confi gurations and use of the technologies with possibility of demonstrations and real traffic simulations. The customers can ask for a discussion based on specific requirements, including practical examples of implementation or requirements solution.
  • It is possible to simulate real traffic environment in Competency Center and to test functionality of the proposed solution prior to its own implementation in practice.
  • Creation of new ICT solutions with using of McAfee products to cover specific needs of certain market segments, state institutions or specific projects.
  •  Remote access to solution of center is allowed.


Implementation of specific projects and their outputs

  • Design of complex technological solutions for securing of ICT security optimized for a particular customer‘s environment and taking into account the individual needs and characteristics.
  • Localization of selected technologies of world producers to make them applicable to the Czech and Slovak environment (Language localization, synchronization with the applicable legislation or technical standards).
  • Cooperation with other research subjects (especially with Czech research teams and companies) and their technologies to complete solution in ICT security area, testing their compatibility with technologies of world producers and their possible modifications leading to the possibility of commercial exploitation of these technologies, thereby expanding the number of functionalities of the current ICT solutions.
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