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What kind of events can be held in Competency center?

  • Events for business partners, customers, small groups, large groups
    We offer workshops for bigger groups, for both partners and customers, trainingand expert seminars for customers.
  • Individual consultations will bring customers and partners an opportunity to test their specific solutions, offering demonstrations of the product proof-of-Concept (POC) and partner targeted workshops for the customer/customers.

What facility does Competency center offer?

The joint stock company COMGUARD builds through its subsidiaries Competency Center together with the  Security Training Center with a  total capacity of up to 240 training places, incl. equipped computer and language labs, conference hall for 80 people and video conferences with the completion date of end of 2012. The project is supported by grants approved the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation managed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry with support from the European Regional Development Fund.

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