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What could you consult in Competency Center?

  • Security risk | Security technologies
    The primary goal of our center is to introduce commercial companies and government organizations
    with new security technologies to help them to respond faster to new security risks and regulatory requirements.
  • Best practices
    Through the use of “Best Practices” the center off ers consulting and training activities for customers and business partners to transfer knowledge of new technologies and to share experience in the ICT Security.
  • Solution Testing made to measure customer
    Providing comprehensive background for implementation of customer and partner solutions testing.
  • Development
    Development of new ICT security solutions.

Which areas of ICT security consulting does Competency Center offer?

  • System security
    Basic overview, technologies, endpoint architecture, architecture and deployment for servers and virtual environment.
  • Network defense
    Basic overview, technologies, architecture of IPS, NAC, Behavioral analysis of the NetFlow traffic analysis, UTM, application fi rewall, WAF.
  • Data protection
    Basic overview of existing solutions from endpoint data protection to network and application level and storage, Host DLP, Network DLP, Encryption, Backup&Recovery, deployment at customer environment.
  • Risk and Compliance
    Overview of existing solutions, Vulnerability Management for servers, networks, web applications and databases, Integrity Monitor for databases, Network Devices, Change Control, Application Control, PCI Pro Modules.
  • Web and Mail security
    Basic overview of existing solutions, web proxy and caching, inspection of encrypted traffic, URL fi ltering, web antimalware, email security and antispam solutions.
  • Log and Event Management (SIEM)
    Deployment scenarios and using SIEM solutions for log collection, log evaluating and log archiving, event evaluation, correlation, advanced reporting, customization of application logs.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    Card Management and AAA Server.
  • Remote Access
    New encryption technologies, VPN, SSL VPN, authentication and authorization.
  • Mobile security
    Overview of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in the environments of enterprises with central management.
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