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"Utilization of Competency Center will bring benefits to the ability of companies and institutions to cover the growing and rapidly changing security threats, not only in the area of network security but also in mobile and data protection areas. It is possible to simulate real traffic environment in Competency Center and to test functionality of the proposed solution prior to its own implementation in practice. Partners and customers can use remote access to simulation of center and high-quality video transmission."


Jan Dymáček, Company Director, COMGUARD a.s.



"Competency Center for new ICT security solutions is the first project in the Czech Republic, which focuses on the complexity of the ICT security problems, for example to protect networks and data, risk and threat assessments, security of remote access, user identity, email and web protection, protection of mobile communication, etc..."


Lenka Walletzká, Marketing Manager, COMGUARD a.s.



"The project goal is to create high-level capacity to design highly sophisticated ICT solutions and to create new ICT solutions in the field of IT security. Proposals provide IT security optimized for a particular customer's environment and taking into account their individual requirements and specifics. This activity includes mainly analysis of the client's environment, design of optimal solution (combination of software and hardware elements of both passive and active protection with the use of foreign as well as own technologies and their modifications). Center collaborates with other research entities (especially with the Czech research teams and companies) with the involvement of their technologies into comprehensive solutions in IT security and testing their compatibility with the world technology manufacturers. "


Michal Mezera, Senior IT Security Solution Architect, COMGUARD ICT s.r.o.




Main partner
Complete portfolio of solutions from McAfee is in Competency Center.


Entrepreneur:   COMGUARD ICT s.r.o.


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